The Benefits of Magento Enterprise


Magento refers to an e-Commerce software platform that is used and trusted by online merchants. It is resourceful to online retailers as they can search for resources and forums that will assist get crucial information to boost business’ success. Making a purchase of Magento enterprise license, assures experts’ immediate assistance on whichever issue that may arise. It is characterised by its ability to expand, become flexible and scalable. This platform gives you liberty to shape your enterprise according to your preference and needs, provided you can assign a professional for such tasks.


SEO Friendly



Magento tends to come with (SEO) Search Engine Optimization features, which assist you get the search engine running. There are features such as Search Engine Friendly URL (SEF), which help in the auto-generation of URL’s all the way to layered navigation. It also has URL rewrites and sitemaps that are used for search engine submissions that specify the precise structure of a given product page.


Multi Tenant



Currently, Magento has managed to get a large market share among the other popular e-Commerce platforms, making it a popular brand. It is preferred by many online stores and global brands such as Samsung, Nike, Olympus and Ford. If these brands would opt for such a platform, then it is a secure commercial system that will sell your products well.



Robust System



This platform has a rich administrative area that gives you the chance to modify different things to your desired needs. They may include categories and product features or even content that targets diverse customer groups therefore, having the capability of handling many things.

It can be either easy or difficult to handle at times. For instance, you may opt to distinguish different customer groups i.e. wholesalers and retailers. Such customization makes this system worthwhile. You can also create online stores that exclusively show products to clients, but can as well direct them to conversion. The discount system has features, which can assist manage different discount offers without seeking the assistance of a programmer.





Magento integration with other third party services is easy, especially those considered necessary for efficient running of the online store. The integrations may include payment gateways, data base integration and shipping services integration.




According to the 2015 statistical data collected, Magento happens to fall in the category of widely used e-Commerce platform globally. It serves a market share of nearly 30%. Being in a position to serve a huge section of the market successfully has proven its flexibility feature.


Easy Customization



You can manage and set different product attributes without any compromise with the administration panel. You also have the choice of making adjustments to the entire system in order to fit your products. The discount system is flexible as you can even extend discounts to shoppers who put two or more items for a similar category into a shopping cart.

Many e-Commerce sites need you to select an already pre-selected template thus limiting customizations. However, Magento permits a great degree of both back and front end customization, which give room for great service and branding.



Mobile and Desktop Friendly



A design that is responsive is crucial. Most markets have not taken the task of adapting to the changing market needs. A huge number of people are making online purchases with the help of their mobile phones. An online store with a responsive layout can successfully compete in such an environment.

You can actually do a tailor made Magento store that meets your expectations. You do not have to worry if you aren’t a professional in web design, as the system gives you over a thousand customized templates. However, when it comes to installation, you need a real specialist to handle it.



Open Source



This means that it has been worked on by a team of experts. In the contemporary world we live in today, communities of developers are few and they work hard to ensure the e-Commerce platform is always updated. These developers take pride in the kind of work they do, that is why they prefer building quality software that are admired.


Safe and Secure



For Magnto, safety isn’t an option. This era is full of hackers who try crack different data base. For an ecommerce store, it is crucial to have a system that is hack-proof. The positive thing is that Magento is tested by different developers and watched continuously by professional ethical hackers who look for defects and eliminate them.

You do not have to worry when it comes to getting updates; the system will call attention immediately an update is available, thus keeping you on the loop on latest developments. There is no perfect system, but its dedicated team will reveal errors and make safety updates, helping you avoid problems before they set in.



Functionality and Features


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Regardless of the level of know-how you have, when it comes to online marketing, you realise that it is primarily data based. There is always need of building a database and examining them in order to draw the right deductions. There are numerous factors you need to constantly watch over, in order to optimize your website in accordance to clients’ inclination and actions.

Integrating the Google Universal Analytics with your Magento website will be appropriate. You will be in a position to collect useful data that concerns your shoppers. The data will include their likes and their browsing behaviour while in your store. The Magento tool support will enable you receive detailed reports that experts will scrutinize and locate any kind of malfunctioning.